5 Guidelines to Creating your own Logo


It’s a new dawn, and you have decided not to work for a boss anymore, or at least you are hoping to become and independent entrepreneur within a few years, which means launching your own endeavor now.

Once you have a basic business idea of what you will be doing with the assistance of all the right professionals, you need to decide on the image of your business. Is your industry something fun and lighthearted? Or is it more sophisticated and serious? The image of your business will ultimately play the most crucial part in its success, examples of great logos that everyone remembers is McDonalds red M, Coca-Cola, and Apple Computers. These companies managed to create a brand with a logo which not only promotes the products, but sells them, so don’t take this lightly!

This article outlines some basic common mistakes made by the new entrepreneur when designing his company logo.

The first mistake worth pointing out, is trying to create a logo by yourself unless you have a strong background in design or the relevant computer programs. If you have something very specific in mind, take your idea to a professional designer or marketing consultant and open yourself up to some helpful criticism. Keep in mind that the time spent on designing the logo yourself, could be better invested elsewhere in the business.

The second commonly noted mistake when choosing a logo is forgetting originality. Do thorough research into the industry you are entering, and look at what your competitors are doing and use that as a bar or a standard. This said, do not copy them. The point of having your own logo, is to demonstrate what is unique about your company. If your logo infringes on another too much, you can even face legal issues due to breaching trademark regulations.

Make sure you have considered all the mediums you intend on using. Your logo should look equally professional on a business card as it does on a website or the packaging labels. Also ensure that the logo remains consistent even when it is used in a different text.

Another reason to consult a professional when designing your logo, is the risk of including too much detail. We are finding in our modern times that less is more, and simple is sweet when it comes to logos, email signatures and design. Also take into account that your logo may be printed on mugs, T-shirts or caps, and it becomes very expensive to incorporate enough detail to make your logo look accurate as it becomes more challenging to re-create. Your logo should be easy to recognize in black and white as you may find yourself needing to promotion work without color printing options.

You finally have your entire business plan in order and all that is left is your logo, as tempting as it is, do not rush it! Even if it delays everything more than you are happy with, getting it right the first time will save a lot of time, frustration, energy and of course funds. “if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur” this quotes points out so aptly why it is better to do everything properly the first time around.

It is a great idea to share your logo idea with friends, family and colleagues. Be open to hearing what they would change about it and what they like about it. An outside perspective is often incredibly valuable.

Remember that for many people the first encounter with your logo will be on your actual packaging, therefore make sure your use a professional packaging and labeling company.

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